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attitude is everything!

These past few months of uncertainty and lack of focus has lowered my confidence level.  Still feeling a bit confused about which road to go down, but I'm getting out there and doing things hoping it will lead to further inspiration and guidance.

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity in assisting The Fashionista Next Door with an amazing fashion show at the Twelve Hotel in Atlanta.  The fashion show presented a wonderfully diverse group of black women in the latest Fall fashions and served as entertainment for the Center of Black Women's Health &  Wellness Conference.

I loved it!  Having been out of the loop for way to long my spirit felt so in the right place.   It reiterated to me that style and fashion is so much more then physical, its attitude!  Feeling confident and exuding that confidence no matter what your wearing is the key to succeeding and moving forward in ones life.

I was totally in my element and felt truly connected, I also had a bit of a modeling excursion myself.

love, Jen

bebe grand opening at lenox square

happy & thankful