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networking tips for the reserved artist

Recently I had the privilege to attend an invite only fashion/style networking group at Scenario Lounge in Buckhead. I almost convinced myself not to go because my designs are audacious, but when it comes to networking and meeting new people, like many artist, I'm extremely private and reserved when in new social settings.

Here are some ideas that helped me push through the discomfort.

1.  Look and dress the part of whatever you're aspiring to become and never under sell yourself or abilities

2.  Connecting, artist love Instagram and it's a fast way to connect with other aspiring designers and potentially share and see their work and vice versa.  Have business cards at the ready, but the real connections come when emails and phone numbers are given.

3.  Smiling and general excitement can make people at ease and more inclined to speak with you because you're a friendly face :)

4.  Following up with those who made an impact is key to developing your network and moving forward with your venture (email, phone call, coffee meeting).  If anything commit to at least one connection to contact after the event.

5.  Finding the right group of people to network with is key. I really got lucky on this one, I was invited by the host after he over heard a convo on my phone about my bags. To my delight the group was made up of serious designers, models, photographers, and entertainment industry insiders. Individuals directly linked to my target market.

Bonus:  I realized that artist should always be talking about their work, you never know who is listening...

love, jen

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