T e x t i l e s  +  H o m e  F i n e r y

Ethically Sourced.    Locally Made.    Eco Chic.

For over 15 years I have been designing and manufacturing small batch accessories utilizing ethically sourced materials.  In 2016 I began my adventure into producing fine home and gardening products that encompass our vision of growth and sustainability.


Ethically Sourced.

The values at Jennifer Lovena encompass producing 50% of our products using recycled, remnant and vintage fabrics that provide customers with truly unique prints while preventing quality used fabric from ending up in landfills.  We value mother earth and all of the goodness she brings to us and by valuing what we already have, reusing what may have been discarded, and refreshing what is seen as old and out dated is how we source our materials.  I take pride in our efforts to reduce waste and preserve this precious earth we live on, and for the past 15 years I have utilized goods found in thrift stores and garage sales that has lowered my cost to produce items and in turn provide a competitive price point for customers.  


Locally Made.

Hand - crafted goods are at the heart of American craftsmanship.  I take pride in being a third generation seamstress and have even more respect for seamstresses and the creativity that comes along with developing products by hand.  Currently all products are designed and produced by me, Jennifer Lovena, in Austin, Texas with the help of a few Eastside nurseries that grow the beautiful cacti and herbs I sell with our color-block planters and other home finery goods.


Eco Chic.

When style and eco-consciousness come together it can be true paradise for a fashionista.  Our commitment to seeking out the best ethically sourced textiles, textures, and truly extraordinary prints that stand out in a crowd is why Jennifer Lovena Textiles + Home Finery exists.   I have studied fashion since I was a 13 year old girl, still learning of course, but what I do know is what women really want from style.  A feeling of distinction that helps define who they are as individuals and how they see themselves in the world.  

Where to buy Jennifer Lovena? 

CraftHer Market

Austin Flea

Austin Public Library Crafter's Night

and more to come around Texas!